WOW Pot is truly two one of a kind sorts of space, a 5-reel adjustment and a 3-reel variation. On a very basic level, the two openings are exceptionally uncommon other than having a comparable name and having a comparative element store, so we should examine each one hence.

This is a particularly fundamental 3-reel slot online, one pay line space where players can bet one, a couple coins to the estimation of 0.50; thus the most extraordinary bet on this opening is 1.50. You do need to put down the most outrageous bet remembering the ultimate objective to give yourself an injection of winning the dynamic bonanza.

The pictures on the 3-reel preoccupation observe back to the enormity days of space gaming with bar pictures, seven pictures and the cherry fantastically over the reels. There are a couple of unmistakable bar and seven pictures on the reels which ups the vacillation of the opening.

The 3-reel frame is a to a great degree direct space to acknowledge and it appears that the element could be won tolerably much of the time and easily on this opening, however that is something of a trickiness as you can win the element also as routinely playing the other variation of the delight, which gloats an extra couple of reels and totally one of a kind redirection play.

The second wow Pot dynamic space is a 5×3 reel diversion which gloats 15 pay lines and a settled coin size of 0.10 for each line. In order to win the dynamic, you need to play each one of the 15 lines for a 1.50 most outrageous bet.

Another key refinement comes in the sum you can win the base beguilement. Other than the dynamic bonanza (which is the same for both entertainments), on the 5-reel variation of Wow Pot, you can win up to 5,000 coins in the base preoccupation, which is fundamentally more than the 3-reel version.

Any sensible individual would concur that it sounds less requesting to arrive the dynamic playing the 3-reel adjustment of the redirection, however the numerical methodology that regulate the openings truly infers that your chances of getting the element are by and large proportional paying little personality to which of the versions of Wow Pot you play.

WOW Pot dynamic opening is a not too bad instance of a space that interests to different sorts of space players, from the people who slant toward a more clear, one pay line diversion, to players who require a more confounded 15 pay line publicizing. It’s stunning, vivacious, and charming to play and offers space players a choice of how they have to endeavor and win that huge element payout.